“The Gathering of the Freediving Tribes”

Freedive Meeting and Competition in Bali - Indonesia

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Two weeks of Training and Workshops with leading Freedive Professionals *and* the First Freedive Competition ever in Indonesia – this is the JAMBOREE!

In the American native legend, a Jamboree is a peaceful gathering of all tribes. That’s what the ONE BREATH JAMBOREE BALI is all about: Champions meet with beginners, fun-divers have a chat with seasoned coaches, while the kids of both have a play in the pool, supervised by a nanny.


We invite freedivers from all over the world and all organizations. Be it CWT, FIM or CNF, the meeting aims to host fans of all disciplines.

A schedule of workshops, presentations, yoga and other activities will be published and visiting freedivers can sign up for those activities they want to attend. The event culminates in the First FREEDIVING COMPETITION in Indonesia. With the depth up to -80m available. The maximum of starters for the competition is set to 40 – first come, first serve. AIDA judges will be at the Jamboree to ensure a clean contest and official recognition of all dives.

Two weeks of freediving and more…
The ONE BREATH JAMBOREE BALI lasts one week with different activities. A constantly available local crew of freedive instructors supports the champions in their activities and caters for all needs of visiting guests.

Workshops and evening presentations will be hosted by world class competitive freedivers, freediving educators, scientists and AIDA judges.

The week before the official JAMBOREE we provide 7 days of depth-training and freediving courses. This is the pre-JAMBOREE-week! You can participate in AIDA, SSI, Apnea Total and AA Freedive Courses of all levels, AIDA Judge Course, Personal and Group Coaching, Daily Training Sessions. Please check our Program for more info.

Location: Tulamben
With calm waters, average surface temperatures of 28-30 degrees Celsius, a sheltered bay with – 80m and unlimited depth close to shore, Tulamben is a true paradise for freediving.

Tulamben is world famous for it’s huge wreck- the USAT “Liberty” – an amazing freediving playground with many swim- troughs at depths between – 8m to – 35m. As an easy accessible destination, Tulamben in the north- east of Bali is set to be a magnet for the fast growing community of freedivers in the Australasian region.

Tulamben is not only there for freediving. Bali, the island of the gods and the smiles, caters also for a rich cultural experience. Sunrise – hiking on volcanoes, getting in touch with local culture at a kecac- dance, becoming quiet while visiting a temple, getting lost trekking in the primal forest, indulging in a restaurant in the middle of rice- paddies in Ubud or simply gazing at the stunning landscape – Bali is set to make your off – days the most unforgettable ones. For you,and your whole family.

The Tulamben Checklist:

● Easy access from the international airport in Denpasar/Bali
● – 80m depth accessible from the shore
● > – 200m within 10min by boat
● Accommodation and restaurants from budget to upper – class
● All facilities within walking distance
● Close to Amed, a second freedive and snorkeling paradise in Bali
● Pools for static training
● Beachfront Yoga facilities
● Internet connections
● Spa & Massages (at least, some..)
● No night clubs – quiet in the night
● Close to cultural and nature trips

The One Breath Jamboree is a freediving event in the true spirit of the sport – one big happy family sharing fun, learning and competitive spirit in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. The One Breath vision is an inspiration for the future of freediving! Personally, I am honored and excited to be a part of it. (Sara Campbell, 4-times World Record-holder)